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Hello, and welcome to Filament Studios! Though the physical studio space is not quite ready to open its doors, we are very excited to finally go public with the first details of our plans for a brand new photography studio concept unlike any other in the Triangle (or anywhere else, as far as we can find)!

Filament’s philosophy is simple: we believe that too many photographers get burned out on working alone, feeling alone, and struggling alone to convince their clients (and sometimes themselves) that what they do is worthwhile.

We think that’s a damn shame.

To combat the above, we will be offering:

  • a series of workshops geared toward newer photographers who want to hone their skills, design a sustainable business model, and develop a solid network of local, like-minded artists
  • a shared workspace to provide established local creatives with a place to produce work, meet with clients, and connect with other artists, and
  • a rotating gallery space dedicated to exhibiting and promoting the work of local artists (photographers and otherwise) to Durham and the Triangle.

We know working as a professional artist can be isolating, risky, and hard. We believe it doesn’t have to be.

Sign up here to receive studio updates and news about events… and guarantee yourself an invite to our grand opening soiree in May!

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