You never get a second chance…

First impressions are lasting, and these days, the vast majority of those impressions are being formed online. Whether surfing the web for a dentist or a date, we often “meet” people first via a website or social media profile. The image that makes that first impression, therefore, is a key part of the way we represent ourselves and our brands.

Fortunately, the painful days of boring, yearbook-type shots are over… today, even the most conservative companies’ About Us pages are filled with engaging, genuine, artful portraits – the kind that are nearly impossible for an amateur to create. A good headshot will reflect who you are and help connect you with your target market; a great headshot will make you stand out in their minds and begin to build confidence and trust before you even meet.

Filament Studios offers professional custom headshots at reasonable rates to individuals and groups either on location or at our studio in Downtown Durham.
Durham Professional Headshot Photographers

Durham Professional Corporate Headshots
Who needs a headshot?
(Pretty much everyone)

If you…

  • Own a business
  • Have a website
  • Have a social media account
  • Manage a blog
  • Are interviewing for a job, part, or position
  • Have an online dating profile
  • Are ever featured in the media
  • Are marketing anything at all

A great headshot is an important investment!