Durham Photography Collective

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Filament Studios was founded on the idea that too many artists get burned out on working alone, feeling alone, and struggling alone to convince their clients (and sometimes themselves) that what they do is worthwhile.

We think that’s a damn shame.

We offer:

  • a series of workshops to newer photographers who want to hone their skills, design a sustainable business model, and develop a solid network of local, like-minded artists.
  • a shared workspace to provide established local creatives with a place to produce work, meet with clients, and connect with other artists.
  • a rotating gallery dedicated to exhibiting and promoting the work of local artists to Durham and the Triangle.

We know being an artist can feel isolating, risky, and hard. We believe it doesn’t have to be.

Contact us about joining the Filament Studios Collective!